I’m Launching 4 $Crypto Startups in 4 Months

After reading about Pieter Levels 12 startups in 12 months back in 2014, I got inspired by his story and decided it was time for me to finally learn how to code and create things from scratch.

He approached business/product creation from the point of view of a craftsman, instead of a serious businessman (he is still a businessman and makes a ton of money 😇. It looked more fun.

He started a trend of indie hackers and inspired a ton of people to get started and ship products.

Up to that point I owned a successful Video Production company, but felt like my passion for that business was wearing off, so I decided to sell it and take time off to learn how to code and become a maker: design and create products and applications from scratch without the need of middle man.

Struggling: Is Hard To Ship Stuff

After I coded 6 apps but never shipped any, it became clear that I was experiencing some type of fear of failure and had to do something about it.

In 2017 I made it a goal to just launch apps, don’t matter how buggy, unpolished or featureless, just launch for the sake of getting better at launching and confront that fear.

This lead me to develop and SHIP! apilist.funwhatifbitcoin.com and cryptotimeline.com in the last 4 months.

Now I want to take my apps to the next level, so decided to make myself accountable in a more public way. Push myself to the limit and see what comes out of it, I think it can be a fun project although 99% chances I’ll fail miserably :).

I will create 4 startups in the cryptocurrency space in the next 4 months, will release one a month with the first one launching today (read more about it below).

Why $Crypto Startups?

The mission of Bitcoin resinates with me on a personal level. When I was 12 years old me and my family had to leave our home country of Argentina due to the recession (2000).

The economy tanked and the currency devaluated from 1 Peso = $1 USD to 10 Pesos = $1 usd, the banks didn’t let people withdraw money from ATMs, and several banks went bankrupt, people lost all their money.

I really like the idea of a decentralised and private currency, that can be exchanged from person to person within minutes, with no middle man and no questions asked. You should own what you own.

Why Not Another ICO?

From the outside it seems like if you want to get involved and contribute to the cryptocurrency ecosystem you need to be a trader, or start/promote an ICO.

Some ICOs are for projects that have a clear goal of improving privacy and decentralisation and are started by great teams.

However, 99% of ICOs are scams and created by people that:

a) Their project doesn’t require a blockchain nor an ICO

b) They don’t have any track record or a good explanation on why they qualify to hold 10s of millions of USD from other people.

c) They are just trying to get rich quick.

I am not smart or technical enough to be in the 1% of people that can build a sophisticated blockchain, with a revolutionary idea that will advance the end goal of decentralisation.

Also I don’t think I qualify or deserve to take $10s of millions from random people that I don’t know (who wants that headache anyway?).

But I still want to contribute to the ecosystem and decided to do something about it even if I fail miserably 🙂.

4 $Crypto Startups In 4 Months

I will launch 4 startups in the next 4 months and hopefully show people that you can launch products and make money in this industry, without the need of getting involved in ICOs.

I will try to write about the struggles I find along the way.

To follow my progress check out my twitter @surfcoderepeat where I am most active, also my personal blog and product hunt profile where I will be launching all my startups.

Startup #1 —BeInCrypto.com

There are many crypto job boards online but they don’t get updated and 99% of them feature only 1–2 jobs.

This is a new industry, so it’s hard to find out where are the best jobs at.

beincrypto.com will aggregate all the crypto jobs from major job boards and will give credit back to the original site. The goal is for you to have one source of all Block Chain related jobs. The site gets updated daily.

Please also check it out on Product Hunt where I will be answering questions.

Startup #2 — CryptoAllowed.com

Bitcoin became kind of mainstream this year but most people trade it or save it, not many people buy things with it.

For bitcoin/crypto to be adopted and become the money of the future we also need to use it to exchange value, this is why I created the first search engine that provides only results that accept bitcoin, I did it using the google api so you are sure to get the best algorithms that exists. check out cryptoallowedand let me know what you think.