Tactics to sell a side project on Flippa

After selling whatifbitcoin.com on flippa, several people DM’d me on recommendations about how to sell their side projects.

I’ve been selling sites since 2010, here are a few tactics I learned from trial and error:

  • If your project makes more than $500 a month is better to sell it professionally with a broker  (Most brokers in the industry are straight scammers.I recommend Flipping Enterprises, they are legit).
  • If you have a side project you really don’t care about, it is a good idea to open a flippa account and sell it for a $1 no reserve auction (so highest bidder takes it and the market decides the end value of the site) with the goal of verifying your account and earning a 5 star review that will allow you to sell other projects for more money in the future.
  • It’s all about trust, try to post as detailed information as possible and always answer comments and pms in a short period of time (even if they are negative).
  • Never add minimum offer requirements, people don’t like it, they like the option to bid $1 and dream they will win the site, instead of min offer add a reserve price (make it hidden) so you are guaranteed not to sell the project for less than you want to.
  • After 15 bids flippa will put you on their homepage, it will bring you a ton more bidders.  Try to be as active as possible on PMs, comments and let everybody bid as low as $1 to reach the “activity threshold” for the homepage.
  • Their promotional packages are worth it, but it depends how much money you want to invest in selling the site. Example if your site is making $100 a month it will probably get sold for 20X, so investing $189 on their promotional package might be a good option depending on your wanted ROI. If your site doesn’t make money than it might be a good strategy to start without the promotional package and than upgrade as you get bids.
  • A great tactic to sell the site 100% guaranteed, is to create the auction at $1 no reserve. It’s nerve wracking at first but at the end, the market gives the value of the site and most times the price ends up being fair (always had good experiences with this tactic)
  • Even if people are not leaving comments stay active in the comments by updating how much the site made on that day, how many visits it got, etc….All people that added the site to the “watchlist”, will get an email so it will bring them back to bid and check out the site.