Be a Hacker not a “Hustler Entrepreneur”

99% of Social Media people are trying to teach and sell an image about how to make money and become an entrepreneur and have a great life.

They are trying to portray entrepreneurs and themselves as super heroes.

Unintentionally they make you feel bad that you aren’t a “successful” entrepreneur, whatever that means.

Your favourite entrepreneur is probably on an amazing, unheard of, diet, he is using the latest censors to track his sleep, drinking a weird coffee from Colombia that helps with staying poised on his tasks throughout the day, etc.  you get the point.

When I hear this type of amazing achievers and entrepreneurs I think to myself: So, he has a great following and he sounds like a cool girl/guy. But he can’t sleep, he is unhealthy, he can’t stay productive through the day..

We all suffer and I am 100% for self growth.

For this exact reason I think is counter productive to base your image of happiness in a person that is admittedly not sleeping well by using the excuse that is worth to be like that because that is the only way to become a “super entrepreneur” and “change the world”

I say try not to get to that point in the first place..don’t see yourself in that person, just follow his good advice but don’t ever think he has answers for everything, he is as confused as any of us.

We are all lost in this world and we are all different, there is no one answer and one goal that will bring you unlimited peace of mind and contentment.

I actually think these “super hero entrepreneurs” might have gotten most of those health, greed issues from “hustling” for that long and achieving “success”, so I prefer to not try to become a super hero…its higher ROI too (if contentment and peace of mind as a measure of a good job, not money or fame)

It all goes back to the story about that Guy that goes to the Mexican fishing village and tries to teach the Mexican fisher how to turn his fishing boat into an IPO to then be able to fish all day again and do what he loves doing….

If you think you will be happy only when you have a billion dollar, create the next facebook, be popular on social media, have a six pack, etc ,etc …your problem might not be that you are not a good enough entrepreneur or you are not hustling enough or following the wrong diet.

Your problem might be somewhere else and you should try to take care of that (and might take a lifetime since we all suffer) before you create the next Facebook, it gets tougher with time and age

Stress , anxiety, depression, these things are real and should be worked on getting better daily instead of adding to them or hiding them by “hustling” as super entrepreneurs call it.

Freestyle Hackers

A huge trend that I think will become more and more popular is what I like to call a Freestyle Hacker:

A hacker/maker that makes an honest living with a side project, job or other source of income but invest her free time in launching stuff for fun and creativity (and hopefully money will follow along the way), wether their projects are helpful, funny, polemical, stupid, complex’s just their creativity expressed in form of software/code or other medium on the internet.

Like a (non professional to hopefully one day turn pro) skater or surfer that just dedicates her life to surf because its her passion, doesn’t matter if she is good at it but she still will keep going to the park and skate or go to surf and fall every day but they will keep practicing until they become good and if they don’t become good? they still enjoy it and meet people with the same interests and create cool shit they are kind of proud of.

The goal shouldn’t be fame,status and monetary. The goal should be to become a craft man.

A few weeks ago I opened after opening the month prior.

Both of these projects are free, they won’t make me money ever….the first reactions I got in almost every forum I posted was:

  • The project was stupid (in nicer language)
  • “how are you going to monetise”…

I don’t think every project should be created for the goal to be monetised, neither I sign up for the idea that: “this product won’t change the world so you shouldn’t create it” .

Everybody should create as many side projects as possible just like you can go skate every day a different park, or surf every day a different beach or with a different board….it should be taken less serious, more like a hobby instead of something that should change the world. people are afraid to launch because their projects won’t “change the world”

The ultimate dream of the freestyle hacker like the amateur soccer player should obviously be to make a living out of her creativity.

But in my opinion is not what should keep you going, what keeps you going should be creativity and fun.

If you feel uncreative/depressed for a period than don’t create it’s fine, don’t feel forced to do anything… just play like a kid and don’t take it serious, I believe this is the way to go to achieve something you are happy with.

I think we can and should look at amazing “entrepreneurs”,  learn things from them and let them inspire us , they  also innovate and bring a lot of progress to the world (sometimes destroy the world, depending how you look at it Uber?. trump?)

But when you plan the next ten years of your life I think (you shouldn’t plan hehe) the goal should be to have contentment,peace of mind and willingness to just keep playing.

You can’t guarantee any results either way and any way.

You could spend 20 years of your life treating everybody around you like shit because you are a “hustler” and trying to get ahead and at the end come up short on “your goal”…fuck that, play instead and be nice.

Find Freestyle Hackers

Check out people who work on open source projects, people that launch side projects on the product hunt community,  people from indie hackers, etc.

You will find them launching there, don’t listen to the ones making the most money but the ones that look like they are having the most fun, usually they are not the same.

How To Become a Freestyle Hacker Online Course.

almost got you…lol.