Here are some of the projects I many failrures but some wins.

  • Over 1000 content sites - Made some money, lost some money.
  • Just Surf Rax - Ecommerce store for surfboard racks (sold).
  • – sold to HE3 Ventures in 2015.
  • – A collective list of apis. Go build something (sold to API Layer)
  • – Little app for people to regret no investing in bitcoin 🙂 (sold)
  • – Open source timeline of major events in the crypto space with sources to learn more. (sold)
  • – Worlds largest crypto jobs aggregator, updated daily. (sold)
  • – Google anything. All search results will accept Bitcoin. (sold)
  • – Trade,gift or sell your favorite crypto influence as an Ethereum erc721 token.
  • – Give out a free valueless token to teach people about Ethereum.
  • – Enter the unknown, you might double your Ether.
  • – Free 5 day guide to gain back your privacy. (sold)
  • – With Ether Cashlinks anyone can receive crypto.
  • – Open source list of information about ICO finances.
  • – Public board of Apple purchases gone wrong
  • – Collect Email replies into a Google sheet.
  • - Create a site for your Airbnb rental with 1 click.
  • Comediands DB - A db of standup comedians, work in progress.