Independent thinkers will start moving to the cold and VR

There are a few things that became obvious because of covid19:

  • People and governments realized how easy is for governments to take civil liberties and enforce lockdowns.
  • People realized how compliant the masses are without any push back, and how little power they really have.

Unfortunately I don’t think this is the first time we’ll see lockdowns for “invisible enemies” or other type of threats.

Other thing that became clear is how the population is getting more and more outraged by “media”, they lack all common sense and it’s getting out of control.

If the outrage of the masses keeps growing, it will be unbearable to be around certain groups and communites, in every crisis there will be mobs deluded into thinking they know the “truth” and “right way of things” based on the size of their outrage induced by the media they consume, they will try to enforce their way onto people because of “morals”; “save the country by staying inside, don’t go out” they said this time.

Lone individuals that think different from what the masses and governments enforce won’t have much power to fight back, if they stay around very populated areas they will have to obey and give up their civil liberties.

So far I see two ways to “combat” this:


I am pro nature, don’t like a future where people are glued to their machines or have chips inside their bodies. Unfortunately VR will become very popular and a place where people can get their manufactured freedom and feel like they experience new things.

I think this will become the main source of enteirtainemnent, creation and connection for independent thinkers and it will allow them to express freely by using pseudonyms in future VR cities and social networks.

Go to the cold

When people gain financial and/or location freedom they tend to go to warm rural places (islands, beaches, etc), with expats and remote workers growing in the last years we can see that many warm attractive “dream” places start to become saturated and they are not rural anymore, nor you can get any freedom there, think of Bali or Thailand.

The best option will become going to places that are very remote, surrounded by nature but are in very cold and harsh climates, not many people will go there and you will be left alone by governments and by mobs.

Think the arctic circle, remote parts of Canada and Alaska, or the south of Argentina or Chile.

The prices of properties in those places are probably very cheap right now, might worth taking a look at them.