Need to fail more

I really need to put myself out there and fail more.

Need to push myself and get out of my comfort zone.

Today started designing an app that will showcase the benefits of the best remote companies.

I think the problem with remote job boards is they show you what the company is looking for, they never talk about what they offer you.

Are you gonna pay them “local salary” or industry salary? are you gonna check on your employees every few hours and expect them to answer you on weekends like if you own them?. If I were looking for a job I would like to know these things before applying.

I am pushing myself to launch this app by monday (3 days), I also want to cold email 100 people in the “remote work” industry and get them to use it and promote it, fuck feeling shame and shy for cold emailing.

I am not active on Indie Hackers but am thinking of writing in their milestone section a “failure diary” for 30 days where I have to try and fail at something every day (so I push myself).

The most successful people are those that you can look back at their past and see how many failures they had over the years, and then made it…“overnight success”.

They were willing to look dumb over and over but they kept puting themselves out there to be judged, but this is easier said then done.