Elon Musk On Governments and Capitalism

“What is the system that resolves in the most amount of good for the most amount of people? I think that almost by definition is capitalism, we have to fix capitalism in certain areas, but mostly it works quite well..It’s hard to think what a good alternative would be

Often people say “The government should do it” (fix big problems), but what is the government but a corporation in the limit? if you scale up a corporation then the government is just the biggest corporation and it has a monopoly, so is the government gonna do the right thing if when it is a monopolistic corporation? unlikely.

The government is not the solution, and mostly the biggest the corporation gets and the more monopolistic a corporation gets, the weaker the feedback loop is for serving the customers or the population, so if you have a weak feedback loop then the responsiveness is not gonna be good.

If you don’t like what the government is doing, how can you really complain and whats your alternative, but if you have competition then that keeps entities honest, like if 2 entities are competing to make you happy then that’s good, but if they don’t need to compete to make you happy, that’s bad”