Rekt Estate

Weeks ago (before corona was a “real thing”) I posted about how real estate is a great investment for indie makers to attain more certainty/peace of mind in your carreer, it turns out during a global pandemic even 0 leverage real estate gets rekt as an investment.

The tenants for 2 of my long term rentals already asked for a discount until this difficult period passes and they can go back to work and make money, I offered them a 20% discount which is an amount they claimed to be able to pay for the coming months with the savings they have.

Due to not many people having cash on hand right now, rental prices are going down really quick and you can find really good houses on the market for up to 50% discount compared to what it was a month ago.

I suspect if the lockdown continues I might lose some tenants, I’ll be fine overall and I am lucky that those are my “problems”, but tought it was funny that the market gets rekt a month after I post about how great and safe real estate is.