I’ve been wanting to learn chinese for at least 12 years but never actually got started, since I can’t surf (beaches are closed) and am super bored in quarantine, I finally started learning Chinese!.

I found a great course on Udemy, the teacher is amazing and has a unique teaching strategy that he calls “building blocks”, I haven’t seen anyone else using this strategy but it makes understanding chinese much easier. The first 4 lessons were free (here’s the link ) and I bought the more advanced course.

Chinese is really different from the other 3 languages I speak, but I start to get the hang of it and can actually form sentences and read some basics. Next step is to go to the chinese owned supermarkets here in town and try to speak with them in Chinese.

After I finish the udemy course, I am thinking to pay a Chinese online tutor for 1-2 hours a week so I can have actual conversations and can get feedback on my accent and the different Chinese tones that I am having a hard time pronouncing.