Crypto Vampires

It’s been 1.5 months since we’ve launched VeryNifty, for me the real experiment was to create something that offered a real fair launch, not a decentralized teather one:

  1. We didn’t mint any tokens
  2. We didn’t do any presale
  3. We only get 10% of tokens printed by users when playing the game, and used within the game.

Before launching I felt bad seeing how inexperienced “investors” get rekt in every single crypto app, most just end up holding bags while being played by a small amount of people in the specific crypto network they participate.

Often times the founders design every move with 1 goal in mind: to pump their bags and get money out periodically.

After 1.5 months I can confidently say that our experiment failed. “Retail” crypto users will do anything you design them to do (ever heard of the link marines? or xrp army? do they make any sense?).

If they can earn 1 extra cent because a “hole/arbitrage” in your app, while spending 10 hours making someone lose $10 at the same time, they will go ahead and do it without any critical thinking.

Ok to pay $10k to watch Real Madrid but not for crypto entertainment?

Crypto is insanse, one day in crypto is like 10 in real life, it is always thrilling, it’s fun.

I come to think that crypto is not about investors or even money for most people, it is about entertainment and the idea/excitement of “one day my bags will pump and I am early in this project”.

They are like futbol fans. Irrational but just go with their team + their “I need to suck blood, shill and pump” at any cost mentality.

We won’t change them

Being a founder in crypto is taxing: you are dealing everyday with fanatics that would fuck anyone and aything good you try to create for the illusion of making 1 extra cent, they also forget super fast and don’t appreciate anything or anyone.

I still have fun developing. For me the real thrill is about creating, I can’t help it, if I dismiss this urge, I suffer more than when I am in it.

What’s next?

Now that I know 99% of crypto users don’t care about good or bad, they just want entertainment, I think we can start exploring other aspects of it.

I will never compromise my values for any amount of money or any stupid partnership that a project think can offer me to pamp “our” bags. Talking at you stupid MaTiC NeTwOrK.

1 thing is for sure though: fuck trying to help plebs that don’t want to be helped, they just want to suck blood, like vampires.